Environmental and Social Disaster in Bordeaux Neighborhood of Nashville

The Nashville up-and-coming neighborhood of Bordeaux is overrun by landfills which are negatively impacting the health, environment, and housing market of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Tennessee State Representative Vincent Dixie talks about the injustices happening right now on the latest episode of Nashville Current Podcast. Rep. Dixie lives within a mile of one of those landfills and can speak first hand about the havoc they cause.

Local government and city services not only refuse to adequately address the issue but are pushing to expand the landfills with zero support from neighbors, no incentives offered to the community, and only negative outcomes for residents.

The landfills have driven down property values for the homes in Bordeaux, which are within 10 minutes of Nashville, and expanding them will continue to decrease value in the up-and-coming community primarily of color. This has historically been the case where landfills have been built in black communities driving down property values. Speak up to Nashville leaders that you stand with the people of Bordeaux.