11 Food Trucks Worth Following for a Tasty Bite

While the Nashville restaurant scene continues to impress, it would be a shame to forget how crucial the city’s food trucks are to food culture in Music City. The outdoor-loving, festival-going, laid-back Nashville community has spoken, and we heard you loud and clear. Food trucks are where it’s at, and we’re lucky that Nashville has them in abundance and variety. 

As we rounded up our list of food trucks worth following—and we mean literally hopping in your car kind of following—there are some factors we kept in mind. We made sure each of these food trucks has received an enormous amount of positive reviews, particularly those mentioning exceptional quality. We made sure to include places with great variety in their menus, and those who have been in the business for a while—in other words, we trust ‘em. 

Okay, so here you have it Nashville, here are 13 food trucks worth following! 

The Grilled Cheeserie

This drool-worthy truck was founded by husband and wife team Joseph Bogan and Crystal De Luna-Bogan, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef. Easily one of Nashville’s favorite food trucks, The Grilled Cheeserie whips up gourmet grilled cheese melts and nostalgic treats featuring seasonally inspired, responsibly sourced products. 

Retro Sno

Dubbed Nashville’s “Original Shaved Ice Truck”, Retro Sno is famous for their creative flavor combinations and fresh, delicious toppings. All of their syrups are mixed by hand, using premium cane sugar and zero high fructose corn syrup. Each cup is made with triple filtered water to ensure the best quality light and fluffy sno. 

King Tut’s 

King Tut’s brings Nashville genuine family recipes from the Nile Valley in southern Egypt and presents them with a restaurant craft honed in Cairo and New York. With quality and customer service top of mind, King Tut’s is a favorite here in Music City both for its hospitality and its scrumptious, flavor-packed plates.


For unbeatable Thai street food, find DEGTHAI food truck. Serving up authentic Asian fusion cuisine, DEGTHAI specializes in food with a kick. It should come as no surprise that this food truck has won Best Hot Nashville three years in a row in the annual local Food Truck Awards. Don’t fear, you can wash down the heat with their popular Thai tea. 

Yayo’s OMG

Yayo’s OMG (Original Mexican Gourmet) is run by Chef Yayo Jimenez, who creates “Vintage Mexican cuisine with a modern twist.” Using only the highest quality local ingredients, Yayo’s OMG delivers authentic Mexican flavor in every dish. The truck was featured in Food Network’s hit show “Eat St”, as well as the “Eat St Cookbook”, along with numerous local and national publications.

Blue Monkey Shaved Ice

Blue Monkey is shaved ice, but gourmet. Their fresh flavors are made in house using premium concentrates, 100% cane sugar, real fruit, and absolutely no corn syrup. The true gem behind this food truck is the story of how it came to be. Dave and Britt met and fell in love while making shaved ice together. To them, shaved ice is love. 

Califarmia Truck

Califarmia originated as a catering company, and the truck was something that came along after. This story may come as a surprise, but what it means is that the food truck menu features the same quality and beauty that you would find on any high quality catering menu. The team has their roots in California, and we’re lucky they brought their farm fresh catering to Tennessee. 

Music City Brisket

For delicious brisket at a friendly price, and with great customer service, Music City Brisket is a crowd pleaser. Their menu features brisket sandwiches, baby back ribs, a reuben sandwich, loaded fries, and tacos. Like we said—a crowd pleaser. 

Smoke Et Al

This boutique, smokin’ food truck goes beyond just BBQ—they smoke “et al”. A mobile smokery serving ribs, nachos, brisket, tacos, and bowls, along with mouthwatering BBQ, Smoke Et Al wins in our book when it comes to a menu with variety. Their long list of fixin’s will send you straight to heaven. 

Steaming Goat

Chef Jeff Romstedt grew up around his father’s hot dog truck and spent much of his childhood around food truck culture. Today, he brings his passion for creative cuisine to Nashville with Steaming Goat. The truck makes it clear that no goats were harmed in the making of their menu, but rather goats are the inspiration. What do you get when you cross steamed sandwich goodness and the animal that eats everything? “The Steaming Goat.”

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers partnered up with Porter Road Butcher to create a custom blend of ground beef from locally-sourced and humanely-raised cattle. Their juicy patties are crowned with bakery-fresh buns from Charpier’s Bakery, and their sauces are made from scratch. Enjoy these locally crafted burgers with a frozen custard treat!

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know your favorite Nashville food truck so we know where to grab a bite next!

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